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Fonseca, Joseph. “Chapter 4 – Gallant Little Soldiers: The Boxer Uprising and the Development of a Martial Image of Japan.” War and Stereotypes: The Image of Japan’s Military Abroad. Eds. Frank, Jacob & Linhart, Sepp. Vol. 7. Ferdinand Schöningh, 2020. 79-99.

Gallant Little Soldiers discusses the Image of the Japanese military in the eyes of Western observers in Beijing’s Legation Quarter and the relief columns during the Boxer War of 1900. I argue that this battleground is the area in which the stereotype of the stoic and honourable Japanese soldier was cemented in the eyes of the west.

This chapter is based on primary research conducted for my Ph.D Dissertation. The collection is about global images of Japan throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. It is currently available through Brill Publishing.

Academic Book Reviews

Joseph Fonseca. Review of Huff, Gregg; Majima, Shinobu, eds. and trans., World War II Singapore: The Chōsabu Reports on Syonan. H-War, H-Net Reviews. January, 2020. URL:

Joseph Fonseca. Review of Bailey, Steven K. Bold Venture: The American Bombing of Japanese Occupied Hong Kong, 1942-1945. The Strategy Bridge, #Reviewing. December, 2019. URL:

Joseph Fonseca. Review of Britts, Angus, Neglected Skies: The Demise of British Naval Power in the Far East, 1922-42. H-War, H-Net Reviews. July, 2018. URL:

Joseph Fonseca. Review of Sugarman, Martin, Under the Heel of Bushido: Last Voices of Jewish POWs of the Japanese in the Second World War. H-War, H-Net Reviews. March, 2018.

Joseph Fonseca. Review of Xu, Guoqi, Asia and the Great War: A Shared History. H-War, H-Net Reviews. October, 2017. URL:

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