Commission Details

A picture from my research trip to Japan. Standing on the Mikasa Historical Memorial Warship

Writing Genres

  • Fantasy/Science/Historical fiction
  • Game Narratives
  • Games journalism
  • Academic editing & writing

Commission Details & Fees

The price for each commission will vary based on several factors; what genre, project length and how much time is necessary to complete the job to a high standard.

Depending on the type of work I generally like to be able to keep in touch at regular intervals throughout the writing process for clarification and to ensure client satisfaction. I have a high set of personal standards and will not produce something I would not put my name on. With that in mind I will not write pieces that are derogatory or promote misinformation.

If you are interested in hiring me for freelance work please E-mail me at and we can discuss in greater detail your ideas and any questions you have about fees or the writing process.

Fantasy/Science/Historical Fiction and Game NarrativesThese genres can be written on their own or combined. This content can be written in short story to novella lengths but time will need to be adjusted based on the job. A great deal of communication with the client is requested to make sure the product produced meets expectations.
Games JournalismThis will include the time spent writing the piece and any time spent researching/engaging with the content.
Academic Writing & EditingAcademic work and editing takes a much greater investment of time to produce good work. Primary research and reference may incur additional costs, to be discussed before the commission is taken.
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