Fun pieces I have created for various game design competitions can be found for free on Some of these I am a little more proud of than others but if you are looking for a new RPG rules set to try, a story to read or a skirmish game to play then I look forward to hearing some feedback on old experiments.

“The Night of the Hunt” is a Bloodbourne inspired skirmish game where one player is a monster in hiding trying to survive and the other player is a team of armed hunters trying to make sure the monster does not escape. It placed first overall in OPR Game Jam #1.

“A Dull Ache” is a short story written in the Grim Dark Future setting of One Page Rules. It was third overall in the OPR’s Writing Jam #1. The story details the horrific life of one soldier in the HDF.

“NeedlePoint” is an RPG created for the Fluffy Horror Jam. In this RPG players take on the role of little familiars working for their witch. Their goal is to rid the land of the evil empire that has taken over the witch’s forest by constructing terrible monstrosities.

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