Magazine Articles

This is my small series of articles published with Miniature Wargames Magazine. You can purchase any of these editions of the magazine at: . Below are the titles of the articles and a brief description of the piece written.

“War in the Far East: Adapting Black Powder to the Boxer Rebellion.” Miniature Wargames Magazine. Issue 443. March 2020. 56-59.

A scenario written for Black Powder covering the battle of Beicang on August 5, 1900 during the Boxer War.

“Tiger Burning Bright: Authenticity – Bolt Action as WWII 40K.” Miniature Wargames Magazine. Issue. 446. June 2020. 46-50.

A deep look at the difference between accuracy and authenticity in Warlord’s Bolt Action and tabletop wargaming in general.

“Lost in a Lost Land: An Interdimensional Dance of Blades and Heroes.” Miniature Wargames Magazine. Issue. 450. October 2020. 45-50.

Campaign setting and rules for random armies for use with A Song of Blades and Heroes.

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