Miniature Wargames

I have had a love of miniature wargames for most of my life. Starting with Warhammer Fantasy and now encompassing many others, I’ve found myself fascinated by how miniature games present war on the tabletop. Below you will find the projects I have finished and am currently working on with One Page Rules.

One Page Rules is a company that is passionately working to make fantasy & sci-fi wargaming accessible for everyone. You can find their website here:

I am proud to announce my first narrative campaign written in the OPR Age of Fantasy world: Darkness Within.

“Darkness Within is a narrative campaign for Age of Fantasy that follows the story of Misha, a young princess who must rise to the challenge and reclaim her throne after a vampire uprising brings darkness to the realm.
This game expansion for Age of Fantasy takes players on an adventure across 10 missions which are tied together by an exciting story of epic proportions.
To play this campaign you’re going to need the core rules for Age of Fantasy as well as some army lists, which you can find for free on our website:”

The campaign is available for purchase on the One Page Rules Patreon.

In addition to the narrative campaign for Age of Fantasy I am currently working with One Page Rules on lore for their Grim Dark Future setting.

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