One Off Web Contributions

Below you will find miscellaneous pieces I have written over the years. If you would like to read any of these as a writing sample please feel free to email me at and I will send you a PDF copy if the link is not available.

#Date of PublicationTitle of PublicationWebsite Link
126/05/2020Old World Might Just Be the Perfect Mix of Civilization and Crusader KingsStrategy Gamer
228/02/2021Civ 2 at 25 – one of the most important 4X strategy games of all timeStrategy Gamer
310/03/2021Stronghold: Warlords ReviewGame Watcher

Polaroids and Polar Bears Articles

The articles you find below are RPG and board game related in content. Polaroids and Polar Bears is “a home for boardgame geeks and comic book fans. We have the latest news and reviews from the world of RPGs and comic book fantasy.” You can read more content at

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#Date PublishedPublication TitleLink
120/08/2020Review: Adventures in Middle-Earth
201/10/2020Review: Age of Sigmar: Soulbound
306/10/2020Kickstarter: The Wagadu Chronicles
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