Here is a list of videos I have done with Justin Pyke and the YouTube Channel Military History Not Visualized. These videos cover my personal area of expertise: the Boxer War of 1900. In the future I plan to work more with Military History Not Visualized covering other conflicts.

Date Published D/M/YVideo TitleLink
06/04/2020Why China Declared War on “Everyone”
17/04/2020China vs. 8 Nation Alliance – Boxer Uprising
07/08/2020Historian Comments in 55 Days in Peking Movie
21/08/2020Why did the Qing Declare War on “Everyone” Boxer Uprising Q & A
18/09/2020Germans & Other “Minor” Factions – Boxer Rebellion
10/14/2020Did the Taiping Rebellion cause the Boxer Rebellion?
01/08/2021Reaction to Angry Comment: Lack of Nuance & War Crimes
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