Wargame Design

When I have time, I’m trying to design a few wargames covering conflicts that I would like to see on the table. These are very much in their infancy and all relate to my area of academic research. Special thanks to Geoff Engelstein and the Tabletop Mentorship program for helping me get these ideas off the ground!

“The Faces of Empire” (working title)

This is a card game based on the second relief expedition of the Eight Nation Allied Army during the boxer war of 1900.

Players compete with each other to carry the day while co-operating to reach Beijing within a time limit.

“Modern Day Pirates” (working title)

A solitaire game where players take control of the Empire of Japan’s short lived converted merchant raider fleet in 1941-44.

Players must choose carefully how to engage enemies, how far to push and how to manage their unwieldy converted cruise liners.

“Keep up the Fire! The Battle of Tianjin, 1900” (working title)

A one to two player point to point wargame covering the southern push of the Allied forces against the walls of Tianjin’s native city on July 13-14 1900.

Here the Allied player contends with the disastrous command and control issues that daunted the attack while the Chinese player must carefully husband their limited resources to counter-attack at the right time.

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