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Chronologically listed below are all of the publications I have written for Wargamer.com. If you would like to read any of these articles for writing samples please feel free to email me at joefonsecahist@gmail.com and I will send you a PDF copy if the link is not available.

Wargamer Reviews

#Date Published D/M/YPublication TitleLink
125/09/2018Panzer Strategy
226/09/2018Victory at Sea: Pacific
320/11/2018Clad in Iron: Sakhalin 1904
413/12/2018Battles of North Africa 1941
521/02/2019Legacy Review: Revolution Under Siege
627/05/2019Japan ’45
711/06/2019Rule the Waves 2https://www.wargamer.com/rule-the-waves-2/review
805/09/2019Fantasy General 2
919/09/2019Order of Battle WWII: Red Star
1014/10/2019Clad in Iron: Carolines 1885
1105/11/2019Japan ’46
1203/12/2019Strategic Mind: The Pacific
1313/12/2019Naval Campaigns: Wolfpack
1423/01/2020Undaunted: Normandy review – an elegant, entertaining hybridhttps://www.wargamer.com/undaunted-normandy/review
1509/03/2020Pacific Go
1602/04/2020Lock n’ Load Tactical Digital
1729/04/2020Victory and Glory: the American Civil War
1804/06/2020Shadow Empire review – the best 4x wargame you’re (probably) not playinghttps://www.wargamer.com/shadow-empire/review
1924/06/2020Carrier Battles 4: Guadalcanalhttps://www.wargamer.com/carrier-battles-4-guadalcanal/review
2013/07/2020Imperial Struggle review – twilight deepenshttps://www.wargamer.com/imperial-struggle/review
2118/09/2020Order of Battle WWII: Red Storm
2225/09/2020Silent Victoryhttps://www.wargamer.com/silent-victory/review
2327/10/2020Storm Over Asiahttps://www.wargamer.com/storm-over-asia/review
2411/11/2020Operation Citadelhttps://www.wargamer.com/operation-citadel/review
2525/11/2020Scheldt ’44https://www.wargamer.com/scheldt-44/review
2601/12/2020Caesar Rome vs. Gaul
2707/12/2020Victoria Cross II: Deluxe Edition
2813/01/2021The Wind and the Wilting Blossom
2911/02/2021Order of Battle WW2: Allies Defiant Review – another orderly helpinghttps://www.wargamer.com/order-of-battle-ww2/allies-defiant-review

Wargamer Articles

#Date Published D/M/YPublication TitleLink
110/09/2018The Wargamer’s Guide to: the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-45)
206/11/2018Games vs. History: An Exploration of the Battle of Nagashino in War Games
324/12/2018The Wargamer’s Guide to: Wargames with the Wife
417/01/2019Weird War Games: the Sushi-Jalapeno War
524/01/2019Further Reading: Combat Mission Shock Force2 & the Syrian Civil War
605/03/2019Victory at Sea Pacific May Yet Win the War, But it’s Still Got Some Way to Go
721/03/2019The Memorial Ship Mikasa and Wargaming Pre-Dreadnaught Naval Encounters
811/04/2019Wargaming in Tokyo: A Visitor’s Perspective
929/04/2019Further Reading: Hearts of Iron 4 – the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific
1013/05/2019Strategic Mind: The Pacific Highlights the Problem with Depicting the Pacific Theatre within a Panzer General Framework
1108/07/2019Blast from the Past: Avalon Hill’s Firepower
1226/08/2019The Wargamer’s Guide to: Print and Play Wargames
1303/02/2020The Many Faces of 2010’s the Tide at Sunrise: the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905
1428/02/2020The Wargamer’s Guide to: One Page Rules
1518/03/2020Upcoming Wargames 2020
1626/03/2020Four Great Solitaire Print & Play Wargames to Play While Self-Isolating
1730/03/2020The Last Wargaming Convention of 2020 (For Now!)
1830/04/2020One Page Rules’ Age of Fantasy: Skirmish & Grimdark Future: Firefight Review
1925/05/2020Shadow Empire is Part Civilization, Part – Crusader Kings II Wrapped in a Post-Apocalyptic War Game
2003/08/2020One Year On, Axis & Allies 1942 Online is in Better Shape but Can’t Escape the Table-top Game’s Legacy Issueshttps://www.wargamer.com/axis-and-allies/1942-online-early-access
2120/08/2020Imperial Struggle vs. Twilight Struggle – A Summary of Key Points of Comparison
2215/09/2020Cauldrons of War Presents a Stark, Yet Fresh take on the Trials of WW2’s Eastern Front
2319/10/2020Armoured Commander 2 Still Has Plenty Left to Do but it Already Feels like a Complete Gamehttps://www.wargamer.com/armoured-commander-2/beta
2428/10/2020The Best War Board Gameshttps://www.wargamer.com/war-board-games
2524/12/2020The 12 Days of Wargames 2020
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